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How To Get Your Ex Wife Back Before She Finds Another Man

Get your ex wife back

Get your ex wife back

“Are you going through a divorce right now?”

Your in luck because your about to find out why she left you, and secrets on how to get your ex wife back. Not being able to wake up to your wife every morning must be a “SICKENING” feeling for you and you need her back so you can have your “SANITY” again!

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Not knowing why she left you and sleeping by your self ever night is…


Not knowing why all the reasons why your wife left can be more then enough to drive you crazy. She might not have told you why she left, she is giving you mixed feelings, or she keeps telling you different reasons why she left. Feeling confused and not knowing exactly why your ex left and not knowing how to get your ex wife back can be very hard to deal with.

Why Did My Ex Wife Leave Me

There could be endless reasons why she left you but…

“90% Of The Time”

it is always these reasons that i am about to reveal to you. The reasons are she does not feel safe, secure, loved, respected, and wanted. Not only are these behaviors  needed to be put into practice but she needs to feel “WANTED” and “APPRECIATED” more then anything else.

Get ex Wife Back

Get ex Wife Back

“Lets face it, Your marriage is DEAD!”

It died because something was lacking or something was missing. My guess is that you stopped showing her one of the behaviors that i listed above.

If you want to get your ex wife back then you need to sit back ,  spend some time by your self, and think about everything that lead up to the divorce. Why dont you do that right know and come back here later.

“You know what women love more then anything else?”


You may think that your wife might of been high maintenance at times because she gets needy and craves attention. It’s not the attention she wants it is the feeling that you “APPRECIATE” everything she does for you. Such as when she makes you lunch, washes your clothes, and does freaky things in the bed room that she does not like but she does it because you like it.

I bet if you would have truly appreciated everything she was doing in the marriage she would still be with you right now. So the main reason why she would of left you or even cheated on you is because you did not make her feel APPRECIATED!

So How Do i Get My Ex Wife Back

If you want to get your ex wife back you are going to have to gradually work your self back into her life. If all you are thinking about is getting back together with your ex wife then you are…

“Setting Your self up for FAILURE!”

The only thing you should be focused on right now is becoming friends. Once you and your ex wife have build up a new connection then you can gradually work your way back in to her heart and life. The slower you can take this process the less she will even realize how she is falling for you once again.

If you become pushy, needy, or desperate she will become completely turned off. The second she feels pressured by you in any way what so ever then she will back off and your chances of getting your ex wife back will have plummeted DRASTICALLY!

I am going to say this to you as nice as i can…

“You need to GROW A PAIR!”

Yes, you need to quiet your crying, and depression shit right now. I know this is a emotional time, I know, but if you want her to be attracted to you again you need to let her see that you have “CONFIDENCE” and you are doing just fine by your self.

Using Some Reverse Psychology To Get Your Ex Wife Back

If you want to get your ex wife back and make her think positive about you so she will consider talking to you again like she did before the divorce then you need to have that kind of confidence that all women love. What you need to do is go out on some dates just for fun.


Go on dates, these dates do not have to be anything serious. If you could ask one of her friends or someone she knows out to dinner that would be great. If you do this do not try to make her jealous in no way what so ever. All you are trying to do is show her that you are happy without her and other women want to be with you.

Get Ex Wife Back

Get Ex Wife Back

“Why should you do this?”

Women want men that other women want. If your ex wife sees you with other women  she will perceive you as valuable and see that other women want to be with you. This will make her think twice about leaving you.

She will be thinking “What if he gets with one of these women, Maybe i shouldn’t have left Him”

If your ex wife sees you with another women it shows that you have moved on and you are enjoying life. When your ex wife feels that you have moved on then she will be open to talk to you again because she knows that your not thinking about all the bad things that caused the divorcee to happen. She will also want to talk to you because she is very “CURIOUS” why you are so happy and why other women want to be with you.

“Is all this making any sense to you?”

The truth is you can get your ex wife back if you stay strong and know what the hell you are doing. You need to apply all my advice right now to get started on the right path to get your ex wife back before you make to many mistakes to get her back or she finds another man and forgets about you COMPLETELY! Like i told you before you need to take this one step at a time and slowly work your self back into her life by becoming friends first.get-ex-girlfriend- back

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“Now You Need To Take Action!”

Before you make any kind of stupid mistakes you need to read my free guide.


Because its free and it will show you step by step how to get on good terms with your ex so you can become friends. Once you become friends by following my free guide you will then be able to get your ex wife back.

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Edited: November 9th, 2009